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Yoga poses to avoid when pregnant

It is scientifically proven that yoga is highly effective and safe during pregnancy and pregnant moms are quite happy with the results they are getting through yoga. I being a mom of two, can surely tell that yoga has undoubtedly helped me going through my pregnancy period. It has lowered not only my nausea but also anxiety levels during my hard patches.

Apart from the health benefits, yoga has kept my insane thoughts on a leash because it helps reduce anxiety and depression. Which in my opinion is more important. We can easily take medication for a headache, but we surely hesitate before taking a pill that lowers our nervous system. In this regard, yoga seemed to be a perfect remedy that worked for me and thousands of other moms.

However, there are some poses in yoga that pregnant moms should avoid at any cost. These certain positions impose a threat to the baby and mom’s health. So, without further ado, let’s dive into those positions that “you should avoid.”

Yoga Poses to Avoid When Pregnant

Following are a few positions and poses that are to be avoided if you are pregnant and doing yoga.

Intense stretching poses

Yoga for pregnant women is safe until you avoid poses that include intense stretching of your body. Intense stretching puts a lot of pressure on certain body parts, which is not healthy in pregnancy. It can limit the allowed area for growth and put immense pressure on the cervical spine or uterus.

Thus, if you desire to keep doing yoga during pregnancy, it is healthy to avoid poses that involve intense stretching of the body parts.

Inversion poses

Inversion poses are not suitable because they can initiate nausea and send mixed signals to the fetus. Moreover, while doing an inversion pose, you are at a greater risk of falling down. Thus, it is always advised to avoid those yoga poses that include inversion of the body.

Heated yoga poses

Hoga yoga is done in warm and humid environments to boost the sweating speed of the body. In pregnancy, you need to avoid doing hot yoga as it can raise your body temperature, which is not healthy for a developing baby. Especially in the first trimester of your pregnancy, the baby’s normal growth is crucial and has to be monitored regularly. Thus, you need to avoid everything that can put your baby’s health at risk.

Prone poses

Prone poses are to be avoided, especially in the second or third trimester, when you start showing. When the baby grows, it is dangerous if you put all of your body weight on the belly area. Such poses can put pressure on the uterus. Thus it is healthy if you avoid them. Moreover, when I say especially in the second or third, I do not mean that it is healthy that you can do a prone pose in the first trimester.

Even if you are not showing yet or your belly is not touching the ground, it can still put pressure on the uterus.

Extreme twists

Extremes twists put abundant pressure on your body, and if you are doing anything that involves your belly, it will reduce or minimize the allowed area for your baby. A growing baby needs an encouraging space to grow to its full potential. Moreover, as your baby grows, all other organs start making room for him, and any external pressure will have a negative effect on the growing baby. You do not want to limit his growth by minimizing his space.

Head and shoulder stands

Head and shoulder stands, just like inversions, are the least healthy and quite dangerous for a baby’s health. They send mixed signals to the fetus’s nervous system and increase your nausea. You can fall over or put pressure on the cervical spine, which will be unhealthy for both you and the baby.

Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?

Many women ask this question that can I do yoga while pregnant?

Yes, you can. Yoga is quite helpful for your pregnancy and helps you deliver the babies in a normal way. Moreover, it keeps a leash on your anxiety and depression. The light exercises keep you in shape, and breathing control provides you with a balance. So, yes, yoga is safe during pregnancy, but there are some poses that you have to avoid.

Recommended Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

Apart from avoiding the poses mentioned above, you can always try the poses that include the following:

  • You can start doing cat and cow poses as they greatly help reduce the back pain and prepare your body for labor

  • Start doing meditation which will help your body to relax more.

  • Do Garland, or squat pose helps improve your pelvic muscles.

Whatever poses you choose, just make sure that you are not testing your limits. This can be done after delivering the baby. But for now, keep doing poses that require minimal body movement and intensity.


Yoga itself is healthy and safe during pregnancy, but you have to be careful when your body is hosting your baby. You can always take help from the experts. If you do not have any teacher or don’t know where to begin, My Vinyasa Practice has got your back. You will find amazing 200 and 300 hours long yoga courses that cover each and everything from where to begin and how to become a certified expert. If you have any queries, feel free to ask.