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Here Is My Professional Truth

I am a relationship coach specializing in working with individuals looking to start a new journey to being in healthy relationships. My educational background includes having a BA in Psychology, MA in Criminal Justice and a MS in Mental Health Therapy. I also have a Post Bach Certification in Couples and Family Systems.

Relationship Coaching - Improve Your Health, Relationships, & Well being

Olivia provides relationship coaching to individuals and couples trying to better understand  themselves in intimate relationships. Every individual is unique, so their relationship is! This is  why Olivia believes in personalized coaching for every individual or couple to meet each client’s  unique needs and often surrounds topics related to self-esteem, unhealthy dynamics, toxic  patterns, and communication. 

Whether you’re out of an abusive relationship and have a  problematic marriage, want to deal with existing relationship patterns, or want to tweak  something that’s already working well, relationship coaching becomes a permanent  relationship. It could be a significant step towards fullness. 

Along with relationship and individual coaching, Ms. Olivia’s areas of specialization include  anxiety, gender identification, LGBTQ+ couples- including premarital, interracial and inter religious, polyamorous couples, police, military, and authorized personnel. 

She also offers  speaking engagements on premarital counseling, LGBTQ+ affirmative counseling, effective communication, healthy relationships, cultural differences in raising African children in  American culture, and preparing for private practice. Olivia is for survivors across the country.  She offers face-to-face, online, and telephone coaching sessions. 

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