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Best Yoga Books to Help You Get Started With

Books can be your guide in literally every aspect of life. Whether it is a new dish you want to cook or a young boy across the street you want to impress, you can get help from books. The same goes with Yoga and Meditation. Before jumping in, I highly suggest you read a bunch of books or at least one book to get yourself accustomed to the main idea.

  1. Best Yoga Books to Help You Get Started With

Yoga for black women by Olivia Baylor is one of the best yoga books for beginners. For any person who wants to know about the relaxation of body, soul, and mind, the removal of body aches, and the improvement of the body\’s pliability, then yoga is the greatest way to get all of them. This book covers all of the aspects mentioned above along with the proper knowledge of yoga.

This yoga book is considered the best choice to get started with because of its amazing content. All the major aspects of yoga, including types of yoga poses, benefits of yoga, methods of doing yoga, and the precautionary measures during the yoga practice, are elaborated in a well-mannered way. This book is specifically beneficial for black women to understand their bodies and other advantages better.

Moreover, the common queries related to flexibility in yoga poses are also being answered in this book. It tells you the way to select your yoga instructor. A brief explanation of breathing techniques is also there. Not only these, the description of not-to-do things during yoga is appreciative. This book also helps the reader get to know the ways of including yoga in daily routine and how to build the habit of doing it regularly. All in all, this book about yoga by Olivia Baylor is a must-read for beginners to know all the merits and techniques of yoga.

2. Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every type of Body

Yoga for Everyone is a must-have book for all those who want to do the yoga practice but are unaware of how-to and from where to start it. This book contains information about 50 poses that are proving the best for every person on this planet. The reader can learn about the different yoga poses according to the need with all the benefits of both physical and mental levels.

Yoga for everyone takes the person on a journey that includes little advancements and modifications in the yoga poses to make them perfect and to make the reader more confident and stronger as the journey proceeds. Moreover, this book aims to teach its reader all-necessary information and how to incorporate these exercises in daily life.

Irrespective of the person\’s physical ability, this book provides a basic guideline about yoga poses and their perfection with every one of them. All along the way, the reader can learn some important tips regarding yoga science and yoga anatomy to better understand.

By reading this book, the reader will get to know the physical abilities and the yoga poses that suit him the most. This will help people to enjoy the benefits of yoga in the most enjoyable way. In addition to this, ten sequences which are the amalgam of 50 yoga exercises, are also delineated for greater impact.

3. Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing

Yoga as Medicine by Timothy B McCall is a one-stop guide for beginners practicing yoga. This book beautifully explains the impacts of yoga on the human body and soul, various techniques to be implemented in the yoga practice, along splendidly demonstrated and precisely detailed directions of starting the yoga practice in a way that brings enormous benefits.

Yoga as Medicine is a golden pack of information mostly of practical nature, which includes mastering the art of becoming more in harmony with the body and using the different yoga techniques both for healing of ailment and prevention from the disease. As well as, how to communicate with the instructor or doctor in the most effective way is also explained accurately. On-the-dot illustration of how to practice yoga techniques safely and securely is also involved in this book.

The twenty chapters explaining the best ways to teach yoga in everyday life have the power to alter a person\’s life unimaginably. This book is equally effective for beginners, yoga instructors, and health professionals. The meditation, postures, and breathing techniques demonstrated in this book by Dr. McCall prove to be the best alternative to expensive medications and surgery. The twenty conditions are explained well under the knowledge of ancient wisdom to take advantage of them. These conditions not only help to attain a healthy mind and body but also bring healing to various illnesses.

4. 30 Essential Yoga Poses: For Beginning Students And Their Teachers

Judith Lasater, the book\’s author, lavishly explained the 30 basic and essential yoga poses to get started with. This book is the most comprehensive and the best source of information and knowledge for beginner students and teachers.

Out of 30 essential yoga poses, each is beautifully demonstrated and visually illustrated with photographs and charts. Accompanying with, certain variations and introductory steps of yoga practice are explained in a very simple language. All the necessary facts and the benefits of each yoga pose are included in this book. This book of yoga poses proved to be the best guide for the teachers or instructors to help them train the new students or beginners. The guidelines of making adjustments in the yoga practice according to the capability of students and how to effectively explain the yoga poses to make them understand fully.

Different poses are combined in the form of a sequence are included as well. In addition to having a certain sequence, the process of how to make a new sequence is very well elaborated. These sequences cover different aspects of life, including sequences for tiring days, busy days, balance and strength, promote relaxation, and retrieve fatigue.

The visual illustration in the form of photographic charts are the treat to the eyes and assist in the apprehension. Moreover, the anatomical terms are listed in the glossary for an easy approach.

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