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Are you searching for ways to have a healthy relationship?

Are you searching for ways to have a healthy relationship?

Do you have any of these relationship issues?

Are you trying to build a safe, passionate, and lasting relationship? Are your marriage or life unions in trouble, and do you want to change them? Are you worried about divorce or heading for divorce and are considering a couple of coaching sessions to help you turn around? Are you looking for an experienced relationship coach to help you build a healthy relationship that you previously thought was impossible? Are you interested in learning skills that help you create more effective communication in your relationships with any family member, not just your spouse or partner? Are you trying to heal your relationship after mishaps? 

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, I appreciate you want to fix what’s broken in your relationship. Your relationship coach Olivia L Baylor is here for you to create new and fresh opportunities to love and grow and love deeply again.

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What if...

  • You can wake up with excitement about your partner and the happy life you can live with…
  • You can build a strong bond without falling into the old patterns, stories, or grudges that once hurt you…
  • You can do it right finally with pure love that lasts..
  • Do you believe in emphasizing your relationship like any other important thing in your life? 

A healthy and robust partnership provides support. It is a constant foundation of love in a debilitated and inconsistent world. They get together to make a promise, but sometimes it is broken. 

While that occurs – possibly after one time, perhaps after one hundred – feelings like this begin to develop: 

“Connections are difficult.” 

“If you lose trust, it will never be the same anymore.” 

“Many of our friends aren’t happy either.” 

“I acquire to live with it.” 

“There is always a divorce.” 

But flush out these toxic thoughts from your mind and heart; you are just a step away from living the life you dreamed of. 


I’m able to work with coaching clients individually utilizing a workbook that has taken 10 years in the making. Through my relationship coaching method I challenge all things needed to address in a relationship.

Working with Olivia Baylor

Olivia provides relationship coaching to individuals and couples trying to better understand themselves in intimate relationships. Every individual is unique, so their relationship is! This is why Olivia believes in personalized coaching for every individual or couple to meet each client's unique needs and often surrounds topics related to self-esteem, unhealthy dynamics, toxic patterns, and communication. Whether you're out of an abusive relationship and have a problematic marriage, want to deal with existing relationship patterns, or want to tweak something that's already working well, relationship coaching becomes a permanent relationship. It could be a significant step towards fullness.

Before "I Do"

is a complete premarital counseling workbook for those couples who are…

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"I DO"

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What my clients have to say!

Working with Ms Olivia has been a blessing to my path through graduate school and becoming a therapist. She has helped me through the toughest obstacles throughout my transition. I appericate Ms. Olivia’s grounded, and clear approach in coaching. A great experience!

Diamond M.

Olivia is a great motivator. She is always positive and is full of positive energy that reflects onto others. I always feel that positive energy and a sense of relief and empowerment when talking to her.

Lily Granger​

Working with Coach Oliva Baylor has been life changing! She has helped me to put things into perspective which allowed me to keep moving forward. I had been stuck for so long not knowing where to go next, but she helped me to make sense of all that I had on my plate and put things in order.​

S. Royal​

Mrs. Baylor assisted me with finding a new direction after I decided to leave my job in corporate America after 25 years. With her guidance, I was able to re-discover my passion for creative arts and I am now on the path to becoming a successful art buyer due to her support. Our sessions were impactful and I walked away feeling like I had solid plan. I highly recommend Mrs. Baylor for coaching sessions.

Melissa Franks

I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me. Your style was effective and practical helping me to focus on my goals and how I plan to complete them. This coaching program has allowed me to reassess, strategize and plan my future goals.

Dianna Pittrell​

Olivia is the best! She’s always there for me with an encouraging
word, a motivational attitude, and ideas aplenty, wrapped in with
healthy sense of humor. And she’s REAL. In a world of inauthenticity,
I’m so grateful for Olivia’s candid take.

Lauren A​